2006 Australian Computer Crime and Security Survey available

icon The AusCERT computer crime and security site survey provides the most up to date and authoritative analysis of computer network attack and computer misuse trends in Australia over the last 12 months. The survey aims to raise awareness of the complex nature of computer security issues, identify areas of concern and, where appropriate, to motivate organisations to take a more active role in protecting their systems.
Here are some of the summaries:

Infections from viruses and worms were the most common form of electronic attack reported by respondents with 45% of respondents experiencing this type of infection.

About 1 in 5 reported trojan or rootkit infections, which is considered to be high given that such malware cannot self-propagate. The volume, therefore, is assessed to be a reflection of attacker activity. (Alex: Thinking of Awareness!)

Download the survey from AusCERT.